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  1. Hello,

    I am a high school student in the US interested in learning more about the lives of Iranian refugees when they lived in Iran. Is there anyone I can speak to that can be representative on the topic?

    Thank you

  2. I m Polish women and I live in the Netherlands. I m looking for my Iranian friend. His first name is David. His last name unfortunately I lost. He was born in Tehran in Iran in 1964. He is about 180 cm tall. He has black eyes and black hair. In 989 he was living in Vienna in Austria. He was asylum seeker. In autumn 1989 he left Austria and he went to the USA. Since autumn 1989 he lives in the USA. I would love to find him.
    Elzbieta Niziolek
    e mail

  3. Dear Sir,I have been reading and studying this situation of the Iranian Christians.I am in michigan.My wife and I have purchased land three hours northwest of Detroit in a forested rural area to build a refuge to house individuals fleeing persecutions.Our goal is to be able to house those seeking collage degrees making it affordable fo them until they find employment.I have ,and am currently preparing to be able to house up to twenty .Our lands are for sanctuary and refuge.I am opening my heart and my door with the end of helping the best way I know how.I spent many hours reading and educating myself as to the needs of Persian women such as my wife who learned english,got her degree and became a teacher.We are opening this dialog in hopes that you and your agents have needs to place those already in the U.S. as well as those who may qualify as refugees.I will on a personal note say that often my ferver to help brings me to tears.You have my email,Im open to discuss ways to be of some small help to those oppressed by Iranian Sharia.
    Sincerly David and Solmaz

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