About Us

We are a charity based in the UK and the USA, working to support Iranian refugees who have fled from Iran due to persecution.

27 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello Sir/Madam
    I am from Kermanshah,my family and I live in abroad now.We want to become refugee in
    Australia,But we have some problems about our case presentation.
    Could you help us please?
    please reply me soon,we have no additional time

  2. I write again,please help me and my family to presentation of our case,in Australia refugee
    center(which we want to go a few days later).
    if you able to help us,please reply me soon,that I send you our case and its details
    thanks a lot

  3. Hi, my name is Paola Rivetti, I am a post-doctoral fellow at the University of
    Turin, Italy, and at the Dublin City University, Ireland. You may check my
    profile here: http://www.unito.it/unitoWAR/page/dipartimenti2/D015/D015_Assegnisti_e_collaboratori2?id=1876037

    I am currently working on a research project on Iranian refugees and asylum
    seekers in Turkey. I have done fieldwork in Van and I am coming in 2 weeks
    in Kayseri and close cities such as Nevshehir and Nidge.
    I am contacting you as I need contacts to carry out my research, and since
    you are a leading organization helping refugees and asylum
    seekers, I wondered if you had any: both of refugees and asylum seekers,
    both of partner-organizations helping them.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.
    Hope to hear soon from you for contact details,
    my best regards
    Paola Rivetti

  4. I am working for a charity helping asylum seekers in the Tees Valley area of the UK. A client has exhausted his appeal process and we are now desperate for some new evidence to apply again to the courts. If you have any reports that you think we could use in a fresh claim, please could you share them with us? Thank you
    Lucie @ Justice First

  5. merhaba
    Öncelikle size ve tüm çalışanlarınıza sevgimi selam gönderin
    Bir sorun var
    İran hükümetinin asılı sığınmacılar (mülteciler) zulümden kaçmak için yardımcı oluyor musunuz?
    Mülteci olarak eşim ve kızım Türk sığınmışlar ve BMMYK koruma altında olmasına rağmen!
    ama biz gerek yok! benim memleketi çok kötü bir durum, hatta odıyemıyorum kira! Bu soğuk hava yardımı 3 yaşındaki kızı ve eşim bile yokumdur berabar yakacak!
    Eğer benimle irtibata geçiniz yardımcı olabilir biliyorsun!
    Bildiğiniz varsa bana anlatın ya da bir hayır
    teşekkür ederim

  6. hello
    First of all you and all your employees send my loving greetings
    There is a problem
    pendent of the Iranian government to escape the persecution of asylum seekers (refugees) Do you help?
    Although my husband and my daughter as refugees sought refuge in Turkic and is currently under the protection of UNHCR!
    but we need! very bad situation of my hometown, even odıyemıyorum rent! this cold weather allowance 3-year-old daughter and my wife even yokumdur berabar firewood!
    you know if you can assist please contact me in!
    Describe me know if you know or a charity
    Thank you

  7. Hi are you registered in the US or UK? I live in the UK and am interested in making a donation. Much thanks

    • Hi Emma

      Yes, we’re based and registered in the UK as a charity (Registered Charity No: XT26879). Thank you so much for your interest and all donations, however small, are very welcome and every penny goes directly towards helping refugees. I can let you have the details of the building society account if you like (they accept cheques payable to Iranian Refugees Action Network and will issue you with a tax deduction certificate). If you are still interested, please let me know and I’ll provide the details to you by email.

      Kindest regards.


      Dr Gill Gillespie
      UK Director

      • Hi Gill,

        Apologies for the lateness of my reply. I am indeed interested, it’s good to know Iranian refugees are not forgotten. I just had a quick note re your registered charity no. it doesn’t seem to be on the UK charity commission’s site. Perhaps this is an oversight? Anyway thank-you for your kind reply look forward to hearing from you do feel free to email.


        Emma Downie

      • Dear Emma

        We’re sorry you didn’t get back to us about a donation. In order to register with the Charity Commission income has to be over £5,000 a year. Unfortunately we are not there yet – which is why any donation is really important to us. We are registered as a Small Charity with the official number being the one identified with HMRC.

        Best wishes.

        Dr Gill Gillespie

  8. Hi,
    I was wondering if you have any information about other Iranian organizations in Australia or in Canada that support Iranian asylum seekers and refugees.



  9. hi
    my name is reza and i was one of the refugee that was helped by them. and now i am in canada
    thanks alot from them .they help too much
    best regards

  10. hi my name is kiavash and iam refugee in germany but the answer is already for me is negative please help me i ned a help

  11. Congratulations with your charitable aid work. I would like to provide the same assistance to Iranian refugees in Australia. Do you have any connections for a similar charity in Australia or a way we can work together?

  12. Hi!
    It’s nice to hear about your work. Do you know if there’s anything similar in Europe? Belgium or luxembourg? I’m a teacher in a highschool and have an Iranian pupil waiting for her refugee status to bep approved. I’d like to help as much as I can. Thanks.

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